Morphe Brushes

Morphe Brushes - 24G Grand Glam Eyeshadow Palette

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  • 24 crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented eyeshadows
  • 2.2x the size for more playing power
  • Use to rock a highlight or bronze it up

 Rock endless looks with 24 crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented eyeshadows. Day or night, wet or dry, these limited-edition, supes-romantic shades go the distance. Holy chic, your lids will love the variety of stunning textures. From soft and shimmery to amped-up chrome metallic, you can create a jaw-dropping fresh look for any time of the day. And since a Morphe Babe loves to play, we sized these matte and metallic wonders up 2.2x for double the pleasure.  ROW 1: Crystal (golden sheen), Glazed (iced champagne), Dream (sparkling copper), Chewy (shimmering bronze), Marble (glitzy rose gold), Stiffy (matte antique rose), ROW 2: Creamer (matte sand dune), Frenchy (matte nutmeg), Mojo (matte earthen clay), Glitz (matte fiery coral), Brassy (matte red clay), Mooch (dusty reddish mauve), ROW 3: Glossy (sparkling ros), Shiba (rich metallic cocoa), Steady (gilded raspberry), Boxy (mocha metal), Magic (burnt rose shimmer), Sunshiny (glimmering flame), ROW 4: Baked (matte milk chocolate), Pitch (gilded vintage petal), Flirty (matte reddish terracotta), Richest (mega shimmering bronze), Brew (matte deep blackberry), Brownie (matte dark chocolate)