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The Warrior II Eyeshadow Palette - Juvia's Place

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  • The Warrior Palette 2 Consists of 9 Highly Pigmented Shades
  • Shades Include: Yodit, Kufuru, Walzana, Daura, Zama, Jamata, Shawata, Kana, Zaz
  • The first all Matte Palette by Juvia
  • Cruelty Free Product
  • Net Wt 1.14 oz. / 32.4 grams

 Introducing our first all Matte Palette. Perfect everyday palette to create your most stunning looks. Super rich ,smooth and easy to blend array of colors. 

Inspired by the ferocious and decapitating beauty of the Dahomey Amazons of Africa, who deifed societal norms to protect their people. A true embodiment of strength, fierceness and beauty.  The Warrior 2 palette cosists of 9 highly pigmented shades.